Special Feast of Tabernacles Feeding Project

The message of Sukkot — Feast of Tabernacles is all about shelter, security in God, and His protection. 

After Yom Kippur, a few days before Sukkot, Israelis begin building small tabernacles all across the country. That “sukkah” (tabernacle) is where families will spend the festive week of Sukkot, where they will spend time together, eat their meals together, while remembering God’s deliverance and protection. 

An important Sukkot tradition is also to receive guests in the family tabernacle. God commanded the people of Israel not to forget about the vulnerable and needy, to allow them to come in under the covering of your tabernacle and give them the opportunity to partake in the Lord’s blessing alongside you and your family. 

To honour that commandment and tradition, we want to ensure we don’t leave any families in need or hungry during the Sukkot week. 

We will be distributing very special and festive food baskets this Feast of Tabernacle as a way to bring them into the shelter, covering and tabernacle of God’s protection and deliverance. 

God’s love and blessings were always meant to be shared, not kept. When you give it to others, you are filled with so much more. That is the beauty of God’s endless love and generosity. You couldn’t possibly outgive Him! 

There’s no greater way to reflect God’s love than to share His goodness and blessings with those who have less. 

This Sukkot season, join us in sharing God’s goodness with Israeli families in need by helping us feed them this holiday. 

May God show you He alone is your true Tabernacle — protection, provision and shelter, as you share the security He gave you with Israeli families in need.