Summer for God

Israeli Youth Discipleship Program

The few years that we get with our kids between the time they are children to when they become adults are so fleeting, and yet so very important. 

Recognizing the ever-changing seasons in their young lives and seizing the moment, so we can give them a solid foundation to stand on as they rapidly evolve into young adults, is our responsibility, as well as privilege. 

As our young people spend these next three weeks in our Summer for God discipleship program, we are excited to see the evident changes and transformations that are taking place in them. It is beautiful to see how powerfully God works with our youth. 

This is such an important time for us to invest in our youth, precisely because these years are crucial and decisive for their formation and development into adults. The tools we give them today will help them win battles tomorrow. 

It is up to us to equip them and ensure we give them the right training as young disciples of Yeshua. 

Thanks to you, your faithful prayers and generous support, we are able to make this youth discipleship program a reality. These changes in young lives is what YOU help accomplish by being a part of their lives and sowing into their future through projects like these. 

If you haven’t yet, it is not too late: Give to Summer for God Youth Discipleship Program and be a part of raising the next generation of Israeli leaders.