Supporting Ethiopian Jews in the South of Israel

God’s kindness is as profound as it is multifaceted. There is always a reason behind specific humanitarian projects He calls us to do — that reason is always love.

When there’s a specific cause or need, we know God is passionate not only about fulfilling that need but also to teach us in the process how to grow in compassion and kindness towards those He sees in need.

When we first began running our Back To School Project, providing children of immigrants and underprivileged kids with textbooks, backpacks and school supplies for the new school year, we knew this project was important and much needed. However, only after hearing touching testimonies of just how much of an impact a project like this can have on a family, did we realize the magnitude and importance of it.

After helping hundreds of children recently from our community and blessing them before the start of a new school year, we also saw a big need among Ethiopian Jewish immigrants in the south of Israel, who were also fleeing the horrors of war that rages across Ethiopia currently and had to leave everything behind in order to make the remarkable and challenging journey all the way from East Africa to Israel.

Thanks to the 2000 year old diaspora, Jews come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The diversity among the Jewish community is amazing. There’s a reason why Israel is called a melting pot. Ethiopian Jews are an integral part of God’s promises to gather once again His people in His Land. Which is why we feel so compelled to reach out a helping hand and support children of Ethiopian Jewish olim through a local Ethiopian congregation led by a dear pastor and friend.

Consider supporting one multi-child Ethiopian Jewish family, by providing each child a backpack and school supplies for the new school year, which many of them will be starting for the first time in Israel

A gift of $100 provides one child with a backpack, school supplies, and some textbooks they need for the first days of school.

When you see the face of the child you were blessed with through that gift, you know it was your best $100 investment.