Tanya’s Healing Testimony

Healing is a gift from God and a manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit. The New Testament is full of accounts of how Yeshua went about doing good, and healing all who were oppressed by the devil. Healing is a good thing and something that He paid dearly for on the cross. We can all call on the Lord for healing, and receive it by faith. In Psalm 30:2 we read how David wrote: “Lord my God, I called to You for help, and You healed me.”

Tanya was one of the dear ladies who was in attendance at our most recent Purim evangelism event in the city of Be’er Sheva. We’ve come to know Tanya as a passionate follower of Yeshua, with a wonderful enthusiasm for sharing the love of the Lord wherever she goes. During each one of our evangelism events, we make sure to set time aside for people to have an opportunity to pray the prayer of salvation, as well as to receive prayer for healing, and Tanya was one of those who had gone forward for prayer.  

The following day Tanya came to visit us at our congregation and to share what the Lord had done for her at the evangelism.

As soon as she entered the building, she shouted for joy, and exclaimed that she had to share some wonderful news with us!  Some of our follow-up team sat down with her, and she started sharing how she had been suffering from severe pain in her legs for many months, but that the Lord had completely healed her!

As proof of the healing that God had worked on her legs, she joined the scheduled excursions in the Judean desert taking place after the evangelism. There were hills to climb, and long paths to walk, and even though most of the people were younger than her, Tanya held her own and completed the excursion with joy. She said that she felt as if she had received a second wind from Heaven!

Tanya went on to testify to our team that she had also been constantly worried about the war in her native Ukraine over the past few weeks, but that after the evangelism the Lord had lifted that burden from her shoulders, as she received new joy and peace from Him. 

It was simply wonderful to witness the work that God had done in Tanya’s life in response to her steadfast faith in Him.  Even during her time of suffering from leg pain, she kept glorifying him and trusting Him, and through faith and perseverance, she received her miracle from the Lord during the Jewish feast of Purim.