Youth Returning to Life

In Hebrew there’s a powerful word that describes the state of awakening: tekuma. It also means rebirth or revival. 

That pretty much sums up the message behind our upcoming youth conference under the same name: Tekuma

Once a year, during the summer months, we bring together Israeli youth from all over the land for powerful two days of reflection, introspection, teaching, prayer and fellowship. 

We lead them in an impacting session of worship, where they truly experience open heavens over their heads and a sense of awakening (tekuma) in their spirit like nothing else they’ve ever experienced. 

Tekuma also means returning to life or new life, and that is essentially what our youth conference aims to do; give our young people a chance at a new life in Yeshua, especially when the world does everything to lead them away. 

Everything that has any value has to be fought for, and the future generation of Israel is worth fighting for, because we know their enemy fights hard for them. But the people of God fight back harder! 

Your invaluable support is a way to fight for the youth of Israel, and we couldn’t do this without you!