The day is here – we’re finally launching our ALPHA course!

There’s a historical feeling in the air, a tangible excitement and anticipation… Tonight we will host a historic number of 147 people at our very first ALPHA course event. It’s really something amazing and we are eager to see what the Lord is going to do and how He is going to work in people’s lives.

ALPHA course program consists of 8 weekly meetings with food, short talks and discussions aimed at getting people to contemplate the meaning of life and explore the beauty of fellowship with God and faith in Yeshua.

Next week we are organizing a special weekend retreat for ALPHA course participants, which is going to be very special time of fellowship and showing people how to take quiet time and seek God.

Pray for tonight’s event:

  •  For our speaker Eitan who will be leading the course
  •  For our administration that is working around the clock to organize these meetings
  •  For financial provision and resources for each meeting
  •  For people’s hearts to be open and receptive, to increased hunger to know God intimately and receive Yeshua into their hearts.