The Garden tomb — An Oasis of Peace

The Garden Tomb is a lot of special things, but to me, it is an oasis of solitude and peace; an island of silence in the midst of Jerusalem’s urban noise.

Whenever I visit the Garden Tomb, with the hustle and bustle of daily activities, shops, businesses, and traffic just outside Garden Tomb, I’m always amazed how stepping into the garden, you almost step into a different realm, a quiet place that is disconnected from the world outside, where time almost stands still, place of encounter with God.

The remarkable thing is to see how it was even possible to create a place of peace that is surrounded by the noise of a busy fast-paced world outside. A place where people come to pray, meditate and encounter God in a profound way.

I pray that in the midst of your busy, noisy, and fast-paced life, God will bring you into an oasis of peace.

One of God’s many names is Elohei ha-Shalom — God of Peace (wholeness). That is the very peace that the Bible says will guard our hearts (Philippians 4:7).

Even if you’re surrounded by the outward noise of daily life that threatens to drown out your inner peace, may you encounter that one special oasis where time stands still while you meet God.

May the God of Shalom guard your hearts and keep your life, and may you enjoy His peace even in the midst of life’s storms.