The Pochtar Family Update

Celebrating my eldest son’s marriage

Just when you think time could fly any faster, you wake up one day and realize it’s your son’s wedding day.

That’s how Vicky and I felt this week when our boy, Sason, walked down the aisle and married Sophie, the woman God chose for him. It seems it was only yesterday when we came to Israel, a 20-something year old young family with a 3-year old boy and embarked on a wonderful journey as a family that expanded as the years passed.

Sason’s wedding day was a very special one for all us, his parents, our congregation, all our friends, brothers and sisters in the Lord who got to see him grow up and become a passionate young man of God with a joyful spirit.

The young couple had a very profound ceremony filled with prayers, blessings and tears of joy and laughter.

There were about 300 people at the wedding, most young couples and youth.

The day was just so full of joy and I couldn’t resist sharing with you this blessing.


Here is a glimpse into this joyful day: