The Pochtars’ 30th Wedding Anniversary!

Israel and Vicky Pochtar

Every December is a very special time for us; aside from all the year-end celebrations and special ministry projects, our family also has personal reasons to celebrate.

These days Vicky and I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary!

It seems as though only yesterday we were two young people embarking on a journey united by God.

Thirty years later we can look back and say: The journey has been so amazing so far! When you’re walking side by side with the Lord and the amazing partner He has entrusted you with, life becomes a daily adventure.

We were so young when we got married, and we have grown together, and overcome countless obstacles, we have learned to persevere, to rely on Yeshua in all things while leaning on one another. There’s truly no greater feeling than knowing you are married to your best friend!

Through the years we raised three wonderful children, and now we get to enjoy being young grandparents to two precious granddaughters.

Life is such a rollercoaster filled with ups and downs, so much can happen in one year, one month, and one instant. Yet life is made up of these moments, those decisions you make in those instants that determine the course of your life.

One of the best and smartest decisions I’ve ever made in my life was marrying the woman who has been my support, my confidant, my best friend, the one who pushed through with me through the best of times and the worst of times.

These days, as we prepare to celebrate my beloved wife Vicky’s birthday, as well as our 30th wedding anniversary, I can’t help but look back at our journey so far. God drew us out of many waters and gave us an incredible calling to initiate pioneer work that has truly made an impact over the years.

We are continuously humbled by the legacy that the Lord has enabled us to build; whether it is through leadership, discipleship work, congregation-planting, raising a new generation of leaders, spreading the word of God through the land of Israel.

We’re grateful for friends like you who have been a part of our journey and we’re excited to continue sharing with you what the Lord has in store for us as our ongoing ministry work in Israel and the nations continues.