TKUMA (Arise) Youth Conference

Arise, shine; For your light has come!

Isaiah 60:1

The purpose of the TKUMA conference is to serve as a reminder to the young people of their calling to arise and shine in God’s light.

It was initially created with the goal to empower and equip Israeli youth while encouraging them to lean on their faith and stand tall as the godly leaders they are called to be.

We felt led to raise a generation of young leaders who will serve faithfully and effectively local Israeli congregations in their communities while building the Kingdom of God in Israel.

Whatever career path they choose in life, we want to give them the tools to fulfill their God-given calling and to shine God’s light in every area of their lives.

TKUMA is a 3-day conference where we host young people as they dive into sessions of impacting teachings, edifying fellowship, powerful worship and anointed prayer.

These days at the conference are geared towards inspiring them to strive higher, to serve better, to impact through love, to share their faith boldly, and to be God’s light in the darkness that surrounds them.

Pray with us for logistics, preparations, practical work as well as God’s anointing and wisdom.

If your heart is passionate about youth work and raising up young godly leaders in Israel, prayerfully consider supporting our youth work in Israel through conferences and projects like TKUMA and Summer for God Discipleship Program.

It can only be accomplished with your help!