TKUMA Youth Conference
Israeli Youth Arises for Yeshua

The preparations for our TKUMA – Arise Youth Conference are in full gear, and our youth team has been working around the clock preparing and organizing everything, while also standing in prayer for the conference’s impact on Israeli youth that will be arriving from all over Israel.

Our teens have taken several days to fast and pray for God’s outpouring during the conference, fully trusting this will be a transformative moment for many in attendance. They have been coming together every morning just to pray together before they start their hectic work day putting the finishing touches on the conference preparations.

We only have a few more days left before the conference starts, and we are only $1000 short of covering all the expenses for transportation and food we will be providing young people at TKUMA.

If you haven’t yet, consider sowing into our youth work in Israel by giving today. Your prayers for this conference and the many young lives it will transform are equally crucial and we are thankful for your unfailing support!