To the Jew first, then to the Greek…

I know how you’ve been faithful in praying for us and our ministry, and really felt eager to share with you so you can keep this in your prayers as well.

After hearing me teach recently, a wonderful brother and Greek pastor, Stavros, has invited me to a two-day pastors conference in Athens, Greece that starts this Saturday.

Stavros has been a long-time friend of mine and has been a tremendous blessing to our congregation. A strong and faithful man of God who leads an amazing ministry, church and bible school in Greece, and also in Cyprus. Whenever he and his team visit us, they always bring so much joy with them (as only Greeks tend to).

I am really honored to be invited to teach pastors and leaders from all over Greece, the Balkan states and Eastern Europe.

Also, I’m humbled to think the Lord has entrusted me to carry His word from Israel to Greece – just like the scripture says: “to the Jew first, then to the Greek”.

t’s an amazing opportunity to take this time and support these pastors. The crisis in Greek has affected many and I feel this is the perfect time to support the kingdom in Greece, stand by their side and minister to these precious and faithful men of God.

Another thing that’s so special about this event, is that I will be traveling with my dear brother Marwan, who is an Arab pastor in Israel. And especially during these tense days, I feel it’s more crucial than ever to show our unity in Yeshua – Jew & Arab.

Please pray for us as we go to minister in Greece together, may it be a blessing to pastors who will be attending and may our unity be a testimony to all.