A Hot Meal is the Warmest Hug
A Cookout to Bless our Soldiers!

The IDF is what you might call the People’s army. It consists of men and women from every walk of life, many of them were called in after October 7th and have been serving, defending and protecting Israel and her borders both in the south and the north. 

The soldiers you meet can be first grade teachers, the mechanic that fixes your car, someone who runs the local coffee shop, even a successful actor and singer. They are all Clark Kent’s in their everyday life, and superheroes when duty calls. They were all called after October 7th and have been out there, defending the people of Israel, leaving everything behind. 

These amazing defenders of Israel have been away from home for over 3 months, and sometimes a hot shower, clean uniform and a home cooked meal is more than enough to uplift their spirits in a time when they need us to support them while they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. 

We find it so rewarding and touching to do something for our soldiers whenever we can. So we organized a big barbecue cookout for a local brigade right on the border with Gaza. 

We had the privilege to receive these courageous men as they were coming out of Gaza; broken, exhausted, hurting over the tragic loss of friends. 

We opened our arms and embraced them in their most vulnerable yet resilient state, encouraged them, prayed with them, and fed them some delicious barbecue. 

Their faces said it all. They were beyond touched by this blessing and love they felt through such a gesture. 

There’s something truly special about how a hot meal touches and opens a person’s heart. Jesus showed us how He did it when He fed the people that followed Him, and He saw how tired yet resilient they were. 

Feeding someone a hot meal, or in this case hot barbecue to soldiers that have been eating canned food for far too long, it’s enough to reduce them to tears.

Sometimes a hot plate is as good as a warm hug. It’s that much needed attention, love and care that made them feel appreciated and deeply honored for their selfless service in such troubled times. 

Barbecue wasn’t all we organized for our amazing soldiers. Thanks to your generous support, we were also able to bring them mattresses, tactical gear and thermal wear. 

It was a true love letter from Christian believers to our defenders. We got to share with them how much you love and care about them, that it was YOUR generosity and desire to bless them and give them better conditions in the battlefield while they are risking their lives for this nation. 

We were so encouraged to see how blessed they were, and we will continue to organize these cookouts for different soldiers and brigades coming out of Gaza for a few hours of refreshment. 

This is the most wonderful opportunity to hug them, feed them, clothe them, care for them and share that it was YOUR love, the love of Christians who stand with Israel, that made this happen. 

They do not take it for granted. Fighting on the frontline, away from home and family, feels very lonely, knowing the world is watching them and cursing them when they are defending their people. However, these moments of Christian embrace to our soldiers touches them like few other things do. 

Know that YOU have and are making a bigger difference than you can imagine. Don’t be surprised when blessings of God start chasing you and overtaking you, simply because you’ve entered into God’s eternal promise to the people of Israel. 

I will bless those who bless you…

Genesis 12:3

When you come visit us one day, we will take you to meet these courageous souls you are helping bless, and they will give you the biggest warmest Israeli hug, because they don’t forget who was there to hug them when they needed it most. 

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