A Rabbi’s Powerful Testimony
Jews and Christians waiting together for the Messiah!

These days I’ve had the privilege of taking part in a conference in Jerusalem organized by the Christian Embassy. 

During the conference, one of the attendees met a rabbi in the same hotel where the conference was taking place.  The rabbi happened to be part of a larger group of Israelis that were evacuated from the town of Sderot, bordering Gaza and were temporarily staying at the same hotel as the conference. 

When he first saw all the different nationalities: from Germany, Norway, Philippines and so many more, he felt something touch him. He felt there was something different about this crowd, and it was special. 

Curiosity got the best of him, and he finally inquired who all these foreign nationalities were. He was told they were Christians from all over the world, who love and support Israel and came specifically during the war to stand with Israel. 

The rabbi was so deeply touched that he asked if it would be ok if he came and shared a few words of thanks to the Christians who stand and support Israel at a time when it is so frowned upon. 

When he stood up to speak, he didn’t speak English, so I was there to translate. A remarkable thing in itself; an Israeli messianic pastor translating a message of gratitude to Christians from an Israeli rabbi. 

He shared how precious and valuable it is for Israel to see such amazing support from Christians, and then he said: 

“Messiah is coming soon! We know that because the scriptures tell us that. But you are a blessed generation and a special people because the Bible teaches me that people who stand with Israel are truly special, and the blessing of being a part of this generation that gets to stand alongside Israel in such a time as this. Our forefathers dreamed of being a part of this generation, and you and I actually got to be handpicked by God to live in these times.”

He went on to share about the friends he lost that terrible Shabbat on October 7th, who were brutally killed and wounded as they were going into their synagogue for morning prayer. 

His pain was terrible, but he also said:

“The Bible is clear about the dark times that are still ahead. We will see great evil arise, but don’t let that discourage you, because that is precisely the time when the Messiah will come: in times of great darkness.” 

This wonderful Jewish rabbi stood there, moved to tears by Christians’ love for Israel he saw and felt, and said: “We are all eagerly waiting for Messiah, and you have chosen to stand with Israel because Messiah Himself picked you to be a part of this chosen generation to see his coming.”

The remarkable thing was when he said: “Regardless of who the Messiah is, I just pray He comes soon and saves us all!” 

To be able to stand in Jerusalem, see how Israeli rabbi and Israel-loving Christians connect, witness the rabbi’s absolute joy and excitement to see Christians’ unwavering support, knowing we share the same belief in the Messiah that will come to save and restore all things — it makes our challenging journey worthwhile. 

Knowing we count on sojourners like YOU, who are right there alongside us during these dark times, who choose to stand with Israel even in the face of great resistance, choosing to honour God above all else — the nation of Israel is blessed to call YOU our friends and brothers. 

We are together waiting eagerly for our Messiah to come!