AWAKE ’17 National Youth Conference

What an amazing 3-day event! This conference was filled with God’s presence. it was truly a Yeshua-extravaganza with young people signing up and coming from all over Israel.
Our goal was not only to stir them up, but to challenge them, their thinking, their vision and way of life.

The key scripture for the conference was Romans 8:37 – “In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”

God moved to powerfully during those 3 days and truly reignited a love and passion in the hearts of these young people for Him, for His word and His message. Our goal is to truly awaken the youth in our country, to be God’s light-bearers in the midst of darkness.

During an altar call, so many came out not just to receive the Lord, but also those who felt the urge to rededicate their lives to Yeshua. So many young people were so deeply touched by God during the conference that we’ve had several people come up to us, asking us to be baptized by water. One young man felt the need to be baptized so urgently, that we spontaneously put together a group of young people and the following day took them to receive water baptism.

We’re grateful for the powerful way God works among the young people, how He guides their footsteps and finds them wherever they are. They are precious to him and we consider it a privilege that He has entrusted us with such valuable task – raising a young generation of leaders and disciples of Yeshua.