Be Part of Our Upcoming Summer Projects in Israel!

Summer for God Youth Discipleship Program:

The Summer for God Discipleship program for Israeli youth accomplishes one of the most important tasks we’re faced with as leaders: bring young people closer to God, shine light on their path, challenge their thinking through the Word of God — and watch how the Lord changes their lives.

Some days during Summer for God are colorful, loud, vibrant and enthusiastic that ignite our young people. While others are filled with life-changing and thought-provoking experiences that allow our youth to encounter Jesus in the most real way. It often occurs during hikes, tours and trips we take our young people on around the land of Israel, to the very places where Yeshua Himself once walked, taught, fed and discipled the people of Israel.

Aside from the fun activities, adventures, hikes and camping, we also run an amazing program with powerful bible studies, anointed worship sessions and deep fellowship that can only be accomplished once young people are disconnected from city noise and are immersed in the richness of the biblical land of Israel.

Prayerfully consider investing in Israeli youth — the future leaders of tomorrow.

First Time to School in Israel Project:

Our Back To School Project provided underprivileged kids or children of new immigrants with textbooks, backpacks and school supplies for the upcoming new school year.

After hundreds of families in need that were blessed by this project, we have seen firsthand how truly impacting it has been for even a single family that struggles in its initial season in Israel.

Your support of this meaningful project can help hundreds of young families in need, along with their children who will not face the start of a new school year without the necessary supplies.

Awake Youth Conference:

An annual youth conference geared towards igniting a fire in young people, drawing them closer to God and giving them the tools to discover their purpose in the Lord.

Through powerful teaching, workshops and anointed worship sessions, we seek to impart a growing hunger in our young people that will carry it like a torch into the world, setting a godly example wherever they go.

If you have a heart for young people in Israel and you feel passionate about supporting what God is doing among the youth in Israel, become a part of it today!