Video: Be’er Sheva Evangelism
Today is the Day of Salvation!

As we were rounding off an amazing evangelism outreach event in the heart of the Negev desert, where we witnessed how God moved in a powerful way, touching the hearts of those who heard the gospel for the first time, we knew something extraordinary was taking place. 

Israel is a complex country, especially when it comes to evangelism. However, to witness a true hunger awakened in people who got to hear the Word of God for the first time is truly remarkable. 

We were able to drive 280 non-believers in 6 buses from Ashkelon, Ramle and Jerusalem. Even though we just started working with people from Jerusalem last month, their response was amazing. An additional 150 non-believers joined us from Ashdod.

Approximately 430 people total heard the gospel during our evangelism campaign in Be’er Sheva. 

And out of these dear ones, there were 331 people that stood up to pray and receive Yeshua into their hearts. People were especially touched during Pastor Israel’s prayer for healing. It was evident the Lord was moving in a mighty way, touching and healing people as they opened their hearts to Him.  

This is definitely the harvest season. Anyone who has ever done any gardening work knows that there’s a process of sowing, planting, cultivating and seeing growth and fruit-bearing. 

By supporting our evangelism work in Israel you are standing right there with us, on the frontlines of God’s harvest, collecting it for His kingdom.