Bringing Back Christmas to Israel

We’re only a few days away from celebrating Christmas, and Hanukkah candles are being lit every night as we begin our celebrations these days. Our team is now putting the finishing touches on our special festive outreach events this week.

Our goal is to allow families, and especially children, the chance to taste God’s goodness and love during such a special time when so many around the world unite to celebrate the birth of Yeshua, our Lord — which is ultimately the true message of Christmas.

We believe there is something special in the atmosphere during this season, precisely because many nations join in celebration of Yeshua’s birth that took place over 2000 years ago, just a few miles from where we live.

It’s so important to bring to the nation of Israel the true meaning and message of Yeshua’s nativity, life, death and resurrection, and no better time than now, as we light Hanukkah candles commemorating the miraculous power of God and His light that drove out darkness, while the whole world is celebrating our Messiah’s birth.

We invite you to join us in blessing these families and children with generosity, kindness and love, which is the true reflection of Christmas.

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