Call to Action – Church Minivan Needed!

As Israel’s war for its very existence continues against Hamas, we press on with our calling to be a voice in the land of Israel, speaking comfort to God’s people through our actions and words. The Lord has commissioned us to go out into active Israeli war zones, like Ashkelon and Sderot, as well as to the military bases in our region, to provide essential humanitarian care, and to pour out the love of God on those affected by the war.

This mobilization of ours involves a lot of logistics and manpower, as well as extensive use of our church minivans, packed to the brim with food baskets, clothes, toiletries, toys and many other daily essentials.

Our church minivans are running non-stop as our teams distribute loads of humanitarian goods from one corner of Israel to the other on a daily basis, and these vehicles have become an essential part of what we are able to accomplish during this time.

Unfortunately, our oldest Nissan van has reached the end of its life cycle and is breaking down often, costing us more in maintenance than it would be to purchase a quality second-hand minivan. After much prayer and consideration, we understood that it just makes more sense to sell off the old van for a newer and more reliable vehicle. After all, there’s work to be done, and the fields are white for harvest.

Our intention is to sell off our old Nissan minivan and to invest that amount towards a newer and good quality second-hand minivan. We expect to receive about 14,775 EUR (±16,000 USD / ±12,700 GBP) for the van.

That means that we only need to raise an additional 19,700 Euro to purchase the newer van that we have identified.

A newer and reliable minivan would greatly benefit our war relief efforts at this time, enabling us to effectively and efficiently transport humanitarian goods to all our projects and outreaches. We also need to be responsible stewards of God’s finances, and therefore not to keep investing money into the maintenance costs of a minivan that breaks down regularly.

Would you prayerfully consider standing with us in this crucial investment of buying a quality mini-van for our war relief efforts? A new van would also be a tremendous boost for our ministry purposes, conveying people from outlying areas to and from church, allowing more youth to join our youth initiatives outdoors, as well as to transport our evangelists and prayer warriors to people’s homes, to new immigrant absorption centers, as well as to nursery homes. 

Any amount that you or your church can sow into this project will make the collective call for aid easier, allowing us to continue our work at full steam, not losing momentum at all.

Thank you for standing with Israel during this critical time of its existence. May God bless you as you bless Israel!