Carriers of Revival in Israel
Summer for God Youth Program

Every summer we put a special emphasis on our work with the youth, because it is precisely the time when they need us most.

Summer has always been the perfect opportunity for us to work closely with our youth, really invest in awakening them, strengthening their spiritual life and providing them with clear and powerful tools when they go back into the world; whether it is school, college or military service in the IDF.

When we first prayed about what we could do differently, God responded with a wonderfully creative idea for a program called: Summer for God.

It has been an amazing experience ever since!

Gathering our youth every morning to start the day off with prayer, Bible study, sharing and fellowship, practical work, helping with various different aspects of congregational ministry work, and humanitarian outreach, while we also invest heavily in taking them around the Land, showing them biblical places, walking in Jesus’ footsteps — allowing them to experience the Bible in a new way.

Giving our young people the opportunity to study the Word of God in biblical places in Jerusalem, Galilee, and Judea, through hikes, trekking, desert camping and wilderness challenges — it’s a one-of-a-kind privilege that leaves a lasting impact on their lives.

Getting to spend the whole day in Jerusalem, talking about ancient prophecies, about biblical heroes, as well as our days and what the Bible says to us today through the ancient prophecies, how the Holy Spirit is guiding us today and what we can learn from it — it’s a truly powerful opportunity and a special blessing to be able to offer our young people in order to fortify their faith and secure their walk with the Lord during a time in their lives when the world is trying to steal their attention and heart.

The Summer for God program is a turning point for most of our young people. It changes their lives and touches them in a deep and lasting way.

Thank you for supporting the move of God among the young people in Israel, for investing in these projects and life-changing programs, for being a true friend of this nation and for connecting with our ministry on a deep level.

Become a part of what God is doing in Israel through our youth today!