Video: Carrying the Living Water of the Holy Spirit

In biblical times, Israel would often be depicted as the stretch of land from Dan up north to Beer Sheba down south. While visiting Beer Sheba (in Hebrew: the well of the oath), I wanted to share with you a very special place.

As I stood in the great reservoir, an ancient well that carries so much history, where Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob built altars and brought sacrifices, dedicating this Land to the Lord, I thought about the significance of water.

When you have a large city, you have to keep in mind the protection of her people, possessions, but also water. To be able to sustain a whole city, it was of the utmost importance to build large-scale water reservoirs.

The stones you can see in the video are from the ancient times of Israelites when Beer Sheba was first built in times of Abraham, then was continued to be built by the king Hezekiah. It is the most unique experience to stand in the middle of that biblical reservoir and think about what they had to do back in those days to preserve water. It takes me to the New Testament where one of the representations of the Holy Spirit being water.

Just as important as it was for the survival of a city to have a large water reservoir, it is equivalent crucial for us to have the presence and life of the Holy Spirit in us. Yeshua said: “if anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink” (John 7:37)

The Lord promised us that we were to become that source of water. You have water from the Most High inside of you! You are His vessel, a well of God carrying the living water of the Holy Spirit inside.

My prayer — May God renew His water in you so that you will become a source of water, a source of blessings, and a source of life to others around you.

Blessings from Beer Sheba — the ancient city of our patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.