Celebrating Christmas for what it is – The Birth of the Jewish Messiah

It would be difficult for you to imagine your hometown during this festive season without a single decoration, ornament, or mention of Christmas.

In Israel Christmas is still quite a foreign concept, it isn’t celebrated at all. How is it possible that the very Land that gave the world a Savior doesn’t celebrate His birth at all.

To most Israelis, Christmas is just an international holiday that has to do with Christmas trees and buying presents. When the true meaning of Christmas couldn’t be farther from that!

As believers and followers of Yeshua, it’s a personal calling to bring the true meaning of Christmas back to the Land. We are gearing up towards blessing countless Israeli families this Christmas with wonderful gifts, special food baskets while sharing with them the truth of our Jewish Messiah.

We still need to bless 30 families with special Christmas food baskets of $30 each. The goal is to ensure not a single family is left out, and each one has an opportunity to experience Christmas for what it truly is — Yeshua’s gift to the world.

Help us bring true Christmas back to Israel in this way.