Celebrating Hanukkah
Light Always Overcomes Darkness

This year it is more important than ever for Israeli families to celebrate Hanukkah. We feel God is leading us to bless this nation with joy, even as questions arise: will we even be able to celebrate Hanukkah this year due to the war situation in Israel? 

The answer is:
we MUST celebrate Hanukkah, precisely because of its joy, light and significance to the Jewish people. 

Hanukkah is a symbol of light overcoming darkness, it is a remarkable testimony of how those who believe in God can defeat evil, even against all odds. 

During Hanukkah season in Israel, children learn about the heroes of this festival, the Maccabees. They learn about freedom, God’s miracles, hope for the future, for change, for God’s Kingdom. 

For so many reasons Hanukkah is the feast that MUST be celebrated this year, against all odds, despite all the challenges, precisely because of its deep message that all of Israel needs to hear right now, that light will always overcome darkness, that God will never stop fighting for His people, that He delivered us once and He will deliver us again and again, no matter who rises up against His people. 

We encourage you to be a part of this historical celebration of Hanukkah as Israel is once again fighting for its existence, bless Israel, and spread Jesus’ light across this nation during this Hanukkah season. 

Hanukkah and Christmas are two different holidays, yet one follows the other. Every year they come together, hand in hand. Hanukkah, then Christmas. In Israel, Hanukkah is celebrated by the entire nation of Israel, both religious and secular. 

Unfortunately, due to war, schools are closed currently, and children are at home. We want to make sure we bring the light of Yeshua to children by celebrating Hanukkah and everything it represents. 

Thanks to your prayers and donations we are going to spread the light of God and His goodness, and it will be a remarkable opportunity for you to send a message of love to the people of Israel, letting them know you stand with them because of the Bible, because of Jesus and because of God’s eternal promises. 

This is our chance to release God’s joy over Israel. I can guarantee you it will make a big difference in the Land in the moment when it is most needed.