Christmas and Hanukkah – Being a Light during the holiday season

In preparation for Hanukkah and Christmas, our teams are working full steam in preparation of our special holiday relief projects for children and families in need, most of whom have fled a raging war in Ukraine.

We might never know the extent of the impact this terrible war has had on them, but we do know that God’s love is greater than anything they had to face at such a young age.

Our goal is to bring a little joy, a little happiness and a lot of smiles to their young faces. If a small care package filled with holiday treats can accomplish that, isn’t it worth the investment?

Hanukkah is a Feast of Miracles and Light. Could there be a truer representation of God than miracles and shining light?

We were sent to be His light in this world, to shine brightly where light is most needed. To be able to do just that during this holiday season is to reflect God’s loving character.

Consider being that light this Hanukkah season by sowing as little as $50 that will help bless 1 child with a special Hanukkah care package.

Bless Israeli families with the gift of Christmas

It’s no coincidence that Hanukkah is followed by Christmas. Both are a celebration of light, deliverance and God’s love for the world.

We want to create the best Christmas atmosphere for many families in need who need God’s love and kindness more than ever right now.

The reality for many families here in Israel is the struggle to even put food on the table. This is why they are humbled and thankful for the little spark of joy we are able to bring them with our holiday food packages.

During the holiday season, we might be tempted to forget that food might be a luxury to some who cannot afford many of the things we take for granted.

Imagine having to depend on someone’s kindness and generosity in order to see a smile on your child’s face or feed your family after having lost even the little you had over the course of this difficult year.

That is the reality for the families we are currently busy helping. Our team has been working around the clock, bringing children a little Christmas joy, and the families some much-needed food supplies.

Consider supporting our special holiday relief project for kids with a gift of $50 that will provide 1 child with a Hanukkah goodie basket. Our goal is to bless 400 kids this holiday season.

An additional $30 will help us bless 1 family with a much-needed holiday food package.