Colors of a Woman’s Soul
Annual Conference

Our annual women’s conference always draws an amazing crowd of women who are eager to come together, encourage one another, find comfort in sorority and strength that comes from women supporting each other.

This year we’re focusing not only on inspiring and building up Israeli women, but also on helping those who haven’t met Jesus yet have a life changing encounter with God.

It’s all about revealing the different colors, shades and facets of a woman’s soul, and how each one of them is placed there by God to fulfill a unique purpose and calling.

We are expecting over 50 percent of those in attendance to be non-believers who will get a chance to be immersed in the Word of God that will touch, heal and transform their lives with the love of Christ.

Pray with us for this conference, for God’s blessing over the event, for breakthrough and salvation of those who will come seeking answers.