Comfort through kindness
Christmas and Hanukkah Project

Comfort, comfort My people!

Isaiah 40:1

When the Lord spoke through the prophet Isaiah to comfort His people, He made it clear that the nations are to partake in the comfort His people needed. 

We know that Jesus is the source of our comfort, but if we know Him, then His comfort flows through us and onto the hurting and in need. 

It is especially true when it comes to the nation of Israel because that was what God said to do: “comfort My people!” 

This scripture isn’t an indicator that God lacks comfort for His own people, but rather He seeks the hearts of those who were transformed by His comfort, so they can now extend it to the people of Israel, and comfort God’s people just like He comforted them. 

Kindness is that inner mirror in which we can see the reflection of God’s character. 

This holiday season the people of Israel need all the comfort you can offer them. Especially children who have been the most vulnerable and the most affected by this terrible war. 

Your gift this holiday season will go towards comforting Israeli children, some of whom have been displaced or evacuated, and all of them have been forever marked by this war. 

Would you consider giving and comforting God’s people at a time like this?