Video: Creativity with a Message
Purim Musical Production

When God’s anointed creativity meets a powerful message of a biblical feast celebrating His deliverance, we get a unique opportunity to reach people with the gospel of hope. 

Purim is a remarkable biblical feast that God commanded we celebrate for all generations, not only to remember His salvation and deliverance at that moment in time, but to inspire future generations to trust in His eternal deliverance. 

Purim is not only a biblical feast, it is God’s love letter to His people.
It is His way of having the last say in the battle of good and evil. 

Every year our Youth Theater Club has been putting together an amazing biblical production of the story of Purim and Queen Esther.  

We were kindly given the opportunity by local city halls to use their community centres in Ashdod, Ashkelon and Haifa to bring this incredibly anointed production to such a big number of people in these cities. 

They are open to the general public and everyone is invited. This is absolutely a unique opportunity to carry God’s message of salvation to a wider audience and reach many hearts. 

Beit Hallel is blessed with a remarkably talented and creative young generation that is not only gifted, but also passionate about carrying the message of salvation to the people of Israel.

Please consider supporting our youth ministry that is actively engaged in serving and ministering to the people of Israel, “at such a time as this”.