Dedicating the Harvest to the Lord of Harvest

After celebrating Passover night, we enter into what is known as Feast of Unleavened Bread. Even in the New Testament we find mention of the Feast of Unleavened Bread that goes hand in hand with Passover.

However, today we are doing something special. In Leviticus 23 we can read a detailed account of what God instructed the people of Israel to do at the beginning of the harvest.

The people of Israel were commanded to go out into the fields, cut the Omer (sheaf in Hebrew) and take the first sheaf to Jerusalem to present before the Lord. There they were to give the sheaf to the priests in Jerusalem to pray over it and proclaim blessings over your life and over your fields, so that your harvest is protected.

Then we are to start counting days, from the day we cut the first sheaf (Omer), 50 days must pass before we will enter into the next prophetically powerful feast: Shavuot. In Israel this season is known as Sfirat Omer (sheaf counting).

After cutting the first sheaf, I will take it up to Jerusalem in a prophetic act of dedication.

“We thank you, Lord, for the harvest you have given us and to the people of Israel. Thank you, Jesus, for all the blessings that are coming because we dedicate the very first of the harvest to You.”

After arriving in Jerusalem with our sheaf (Omer) on the day of First Fruits, we come before the Lord, as the people of Israel did back in the Bible, and in the midst of the animal sacrifices in the Temple, sheaves were also brought as offerings to the Lord.

Doing so, I’m proclaiming God’s blessing over my fields and my life, because I kept my promise to bring the very first of my harvest to the Lord, placing God above all other things in my life.

The priest then would take the sheaf and wave it from side to side, praising the Lord and proclaiming God’s blessing over this first fruit of my harvest.

All this was a prophetic act of obedience, as if saying: “Lord, my harvest belongs to You, and You are Lord of the harvest!”

Yeshua is the fulfillment of the word of God in its entirety. He is our Passover Lamb, and when He spoke about the harvest, He said it was ready and that we should pray to the Lord of the Harvest to release workers into the fields.

So we come before the Lord of the Harvest and we pray for the harvest in our own life, in our ministry, as well as His heavenly blessing and joy, which is a big part of this special feast, knowing Yeshua is my source, my blessing and my Lord.