Driving out Darkness
Preaching the Gospel this Hanukkah

In Hebrew there’s a traditional Hanukkah song we sing here in Israel every year called: “Banu choshech legaresh”, meaning; we came to drive out darkness. 

Every Israeli, from young to old, knows this song, and its words are a powerful reminder to us that we have the power to drive out darkness, because we carry light and fire. 

During this turbulent time in Israel, when the nation is fighting for its existence and war is raging on our front porch, there is so much uncertainty, questions, anxiety, stress and sadness in people’s hearts. This is why we felt strongly led by the Lord to organize a Hanukkah evangelism campaign right here in Jerusalem. 

Just like Jesus came to celebrate Hanukkah in Jerusalem (John 10:22), we felt we needed to do the same, and bring the light of Yeshua back into this Festival of Lights. 

We arranged to bring 200 non-believers up to Jerusalem to speak to them about Hanukkah, about light and hope, about salvation and eternal life. 

It was a wonderful opportunity to speak hope into these precious people’s lives, to share about the protection we have in our Savior and Messiah Yeshua. 

You could sense people breathing in hope and exhaling worries. Being able to witness the people of Israel even today stand up, praying and receiving Yeshua into their hearts. 

The Word was planted into their hearts, now they can’t help but think about the Lord and turn to Him. 

The most remarkable thing is especially in such a time as this, time of distress and war, to be able to gather people, smile to them, hug them, embrace them, show them the kindness of a human touch, breathe hope into them, surround them with our amazing team of volunteers that just came to give these people a hug in a time of deep sadness, the result was to see beautiful brokenness and openness when people shed tears and cried out to the Lord at the end. 

Isn’t that what God asked us all to do for His people?

Comfort, comfort My people! Says the Lord.

Isaiah 40:1

That is what you have been doing through your generous support and help. 

As you pray, give and stand steadfast with us on days when it’s uncomfortable and inconvenient to many to stand with Israel, you are helping bring Israel’s salvation nearer, just as God promised. 

What we saw in Jerusalem was that the day of salvation is today! With so many Israelis standing up, praying and receiving Yeshua, there is no doubt about it — God is fulfilling every single promise to Israel, and you are His faithful sojourners on this path towards seeing the salvation of Israel. 

Continue supporting our evangelism work in Israel, until “…all Israel shall be saved.”