Eilat – Strategic Crossroad in the Middle-East

Eilat is the southernmost point of Israel and is unique in that it shares borders with four large Middle Eastern countries: Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

It is a perfect and strategic place to pray for revival in the Middle East, as well as Israel. A revival that will sweep this land from the south to the north.

There are two prayer towers in Eilat. One to pray for the nation of Israel, and the other facing the Middle East, to pray for the nations.

Our Eilat congregation has always prayed from high places, as the Lord was leading them to go up to hilltops to pray for Israel and the Middle East.

It became challenging to continuously climb hilltops and mountainous areas in Eilat for prayer.

Then something remarkable happened. God honored their commitment to his calling to pray from high places. One day, the municipality of Eilat announced they would be building two prayer towers, each strategically placed. One would be facing the city of Eilat, the other facing the nations.

I wanted to take you on a personal tour of these amazing prayer towers, where you can see Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia right across the shore.

Eilat is a crossroads of four large Middle Eastern nations. Israel is such a small country, located in the very heart of the Middle East, which makes it so important to come and pray for revival and salvation of the Middle East.

Next time you’re visiting Israel, come down to Eilat, join our congregation here in prayer at the prayer towers. We will together witness revival in this strategic and special place on earth, as well as salvation as it was promised by God in the Bible.

The prayer tower facing Israel is also a very strategic one, where we stand and stretch out our hands in prayer and proclamation of the salvation of the nation of Israel from the south all the way up north.

Israel needs your support and prayers, together we are going to see revival in Israel and biblical prophecies being fulfilled. You have an amazing opportunity to become a part of what God is doing in the land of Israel and the nations around it.