Elijah joins an Israeli Rescue Delegation to Turkey

The recent tragedies to have struck Turkey have sent shockwaves throughout the world, with multitudes of nations mobilizing to come to the aid of a nation in despair. The scale of the earthquakes that rocked the nation of Turkey have not been seen in more than a century there, and the death toll has risen above 33,000 people.

Our hearts are broken for the nation of Turkey, and we are standing in steadfast prayer and intercession for the people there. The nation of Israel has responded overwhelmingly and has sent the second-largest delegation in the world, consisting of Israel Defense Forces experts and medical personnel to assist with search and rescue missions. Even our city of Ashdod has shown its solidarity with Turkey by having our city hall lit up with the two countries’ flags.

We have also been presented with a wonderful opportunity to send one of our own young ministers at Beit Hallel, Elijah, to join with a search and rescue delegation from Israel to go and help the people of Turkey. Since Elijah has arrived in Turkey, he has been extremely busy with the operations on the ground. He has been involved in the heartbreaking recovery of multitudes of dead bodies, but he has also been personally involved in rescuing 4 children alive from collapsed buildings!

Elijah has been in regular communication with us, and would like to thank everybody for their prayers and love. He shared that multitudes of nations are involved, among them many groups of missionaries who are bringing comfort and relief to the people through the word and love of God.

Elijah asks that we would please pray that God will give the missionaries wisdom and guidance, to be His hands and feet among the people of Turkey, and to bring inner healing and salvation to them. Amen!