Empowering the youth through spiritual authority – Haifa Youth Conference

As the last month of the year, December isn’t only filled with holiday and festive atmosphere, it is also an intense month because it feels like a lot is happening, or needs to happen before the last chapter of 2021 closes.

For example, this month we had two impactful youth conferences that were almost back to back. We had taken our youth up north to a special conference in Haifa, where our leaders were also invited to preach.

It’s always when you bring together young people from all walks of life, both Jewish and Arabs, to pray, worship and fellowship together, teaching them the true meaning of one new man in Christ.

God started working with these young people from day one at the conference when our youth leader Yaakov felt God placed on his heart to speak to them on spiritual authority. It was amazing to see their faces going from shock to revelation, receiving the imparting of the word on their own spiritual authority in Yeshua.

After Yaakov shared the word God gave him, he invited all the young people to pray with him. They were deeply and visibly touched, as they all stood up and prayed with tears in their eyes. They experienced something truly supernatural at that moment, as though something was being transformed inside them.

Two of our young teens: Arina and Esther came with tears in their eyes, thankful for this message that they felt had transformed something in them at that moment. They felt emboldened and empowered about sharing their faith in Yeshua to the world. They felt that far from it being something they needed to hide, on the contrary, it suddenly felt like a massive gift God had given them, and they are now excited to share it openly with their friends.

We’re thankful God is using our young leaders like Yaakov, to reach our young people who stand on the crossroads of their young lives, making important decisions regarding their future and identity, and oftentimes lacking the guidance and instruction that we can give them as the older generation.

We cannot allow them to turn to the world for answers that only God can give them. It is up to us to lead by example, speak and impart the message God has given us for them and ensure we have invested everything in them, so they choose their paths wisely, led by Yeshua.

That is why we are so keen on investing in our youth work, and during this conference in Haifa we saw how crucial it is to be here for the young people at this time. They got to meet other young people, fellowship and share experiences, and encourage one another in Christ. To be a part of it and be used by God to bless our youth is a tremendous blessing in itself.

Thank you for supporting our youth work!