Entering into God’s Rest
Celebrating Shabbat in the Midst of War

Sirens, rockets, explosions, war – that is what the eve of our Shabbat looks like today. If there was ever a perfect time to focus on the Lord and His Kingdom, that would be now.

God said:
even in the midst of troubles and tribulations, you will have shalom (peace). 

So, as we enter the holiness of God’s day of rest – Shabbat – it’s time to pray for His peace. Today our entire congregation will be coming together to celebrate Jesus, despite the raging war around us. We will enter into His Shabbat, His holy rest, regardless of what is going on around us. 

We all come from different walks of life, and despite you not having to face the same war we are facing here in Israel, your battles and challenges are valid, and life can bring its own set of difficulties regardless of where you are. 

So I want to pray for you from Israel, that this Shabbat will be filled with the Lord’s Shalom. I pray you have a blessed weekend, and that you will remember that God is good ALL the time, He works and fights our battles on our behalf, He blesses us and uses us for His glory, in Israel, in your home country and in your family, in your household and in your ministry. 

Despite the circumstances around us, let us walk in His peace, because we have joy that the world can never comprehend of having Jesus in our hearts. 

We will see terrible things, no doubt. There will be fear around us as the war continues, but we have peace in Yeshua, because we are Kingdom people, our citizenship is in heaven. 

Shabbat shalom and blessings!