Ethiopian Soldiers Project
Life Changing Kindness

Melting pot is a word often used to describe Israel’s multicultural and multiracial diversity, and it couldn’t be truer when you arrive in Israel and see every colour, background and ethnicity under the sun. That’s how diverse this nation is, which is mainly due to the 2000-year diaspora. 

Having been scattered around the world for 2000 years, Jews and Jewish communities can be found almost in every corner of the earth. 

One of those precious Jewish communities is Ethiopian Jews. 

They are remarkably resilient having faced the most terrible hardships and challenges on their journey from war-stricken Ethiopia to their ancient homeland of Israel.  Currently, there’s a large community of Ethiopian Jews in Israel, and many of their young men serve in the IDF in combat units, risking their lives every day to defend their country. 

Recently we drove down to the Gaza border, visiting an amazing group of Jewish young men from Ethiopia who just recently made Aliyah, and will be joining the IDF these days.  Our goal was to bring them love and make them feel important and cared for, as they prepare for the biggest challenge of their lives. 

It was important for us to bring not only love and moral support but also supply them with the essential equipment they need for their upcoming draft. We wanted to hug, salute and honor them as they are embarking on this life-changing journey. 

What made this visit even more special was the presence of our dear Miriam, one of our Beit Hallel elders, who lost her eldest son David, who died in battle defending his country on October 7th. 

She stood there, in the place so close to where her David died in combat, and offered encouragement to these courageous young men to not fear, but stand strong and brave, knowing they do not stand alone. 

They were touched by her gratitude seeing them, that even though her son is gone, there’s another generation of young courageous fighters willing to defend their country unhesitatingly, honouring the courage of David and many like him who gave their lives for this land. 

Miriam’s smile through her sorrow, her love that hadn’t been extinguished by pain, but had only grown bigger and stronger out of it, was so incredibly encouraging. 

It is the kind of love that changes lives and leaves a lasting impact. When a mother grieving a lost son comes to embrace and encourage the sons of other mothers, they know they are loved and cherished. Those hearts will never be the same after an encounter like that. 

Ensuring we provide these young men with everything they need before their draft, so their families don’t have to worry about that is an additional blessing. 

Such a small act of kindness for us made such a lasting impact on them. 

In these troubled times, this is the kind of difference we aim to make because love changes people when we spread it around generously.  These remarkable young men might not have a lot, but they love their country with their whole heart and are willing to go into the deepest darkest battle to defend their home. 

We need to be there to provide them with whatever they need, while they are defending this nation. 

Consider giving to this crucial wartime project that supports our soldiers, many of whom come from low-income families and need all the help they can get while they are in active duty. 

Do it as unto the Lord. 

Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.

Matthew 25:40