First Time to School in Israel

…And when we take your gifts to those who need them, they will thank God.

2 Corinthians 9:11

What if in those words God handed us the keys to produce gratitude in people’s hearts towards God?

When we see a need and are quick to respond to that need — that’s Yeshua’s character working through us. Our acts of kindness are God’s way of using us to His glory.

That is exactly what we saw a few days ago during our much awaited First Time to School in Israel outreach event. It was an amazing example of how much God’s love has the power to touch people in the deepest way.

Projects like these, that aim to provide relief to families with small children before the start of a new school year, that for many of them will be the first one in Israel; its incredible impact is visibly felt through the enormous gratitude this crucial support awakens in people.

A perfect example of the people this project that you generously supported is Elena, a single mother that lives below her means, struggles to make ends meet and depends on humanitarian relief projects like ours to practically survive each month.

For Elena to receive the incredible School Kit your gift helped provide for her, it absolutely brought her to tears to feel the generosity and care of people like you that did this out of love.

God’s love manifested through the kindness of His children that generously gave to support families like Elena’s.

Humanitarian projects are crucial because of their long term impact on the receiving end. They produce gratitude and acknowledgement that God must truly love them to provide for their needs in such a specific way.

We rejoice and are thankful for you! Thank you for partnering with you in making this amazing difference!