God carries you through — Devotional from Pastor Israel

God spoke numerous times to the people of Israel to remind them what He has done for them all throughout their journey. He was there through the struggles, difficulties, and challenges. He was there throughout their complaints and grumbling when they thought they really struggled.

Apparently, we all need those reminders now and again.

In fact, He clarified that picture for them by showing that in actual fact, they didn’t “go through” it, but God actually carried them through. He addressed their complaints by showing them that in reality they never faced anything by themselves, but rather He was there to carry them as a father carries his child.

I remember when my sons were little, I would pick them up and carry them in my arms.

God tells us that in our most difficult situations, when we struggled the most, and maybe even doubtfully asked: “where is God?” is when God not only was with us, but He carried us through, as a man carries his child.

What a profoundly beautiful prophetic picture for us of God’s character. Even in the depths of your despair, when you were asking God: “Where is my breakthrough? When is my time?” In your darkest moments is when God carries you in His hands.

Once this season of hardship passes, you will see that breakthrough, that victory, and you will truly understand just how much God carried you through it all.

Beit Hallel is a Messianic Jewish congregation in Ashdod, led by pastor Israel Pochtar, serving holocaust survivors and the poor and needy locally and throughout the nation of Israel, while building up the body of Messiah in the promised land of Israel.