God’s Verdict for You is Peace

My soul yearns for You in the night; in the morning my spirit longs for You.

Isaiah 26:9

Reading these words just does something to our spirit. Knowing prophet Isaiah, like many other men and women of God in the Bible, yearned for the Lord day and night; it truly touches something within our own soul and revives the desire in us to seek the Lord.

These words are an inner prayer, or an expression of what we feel inside for the Lord. Isaiah was expressing just how much He loves God, and it’s contagious.

As a pastor, when I share in front of the whole congregation my desire for the Lord, my experience with Him — it blessed others, as the passion for our Lord is contagious.

I want to encourage you; speak to people around you, especially with your family and loved ones about how much you love God, how much you seek Him and yearn for Him. Not in order to boast and show how “spiritual” you are, but just to share the genuine desire for God that’s in your heart.

Lord, You establish peace for us, all that we have accomplished, You have done for us.

Isaiah 26:12

In Hebrew the word for “establish peace” is tishpot, which refers to what a judge does in a court of law. Meaning, God’s verdict for us will be peace.

I pray that you will continue to seek the Lord, while being filled with passion for Him and desire to walk in His ways. May it transform you, give you boldness and humility. May His verdict over your life be PEACE.