Gospel of Peace in Wartime
Jerusalem Evangelism Campaign

How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace!

Romans 10:15

While the war in Israel continues, people need Good News more than ever. There isn’t a better time to spread the gospel in the Land of Israel than now, while the nation is fighting for its existence. 

This is the best time to reach the people of Israel with the message of Yeshua’s salvation. 

As we are praying, preparing and seeking the face of the Lord with our team, we felt led to organize an evangelism event now, when people are desperately seeking hope. 

The Lord was clear in His lead, and we said YES to His call to bring the Good News of Yeshua to His people at a time like this. 

The idea is to take people out of Ashdod, Ashkelon and surrounding communities that are under rocket fire, and go up to Jerusalem where we will preach the gospel of Jesus during this time of war. 

This holiday season when the world is preparing to celebrate the birth of Yeshua, this is an opportunity for many Israelis to hear about Him and receive salvation through Him. 

Pray with us for the salvation of Israel, because all the events Israel is experiencing and are happening around us, all the biblical prophecies about these days, they all speak about God’s ultimate goal: to bring and release His Kingdom on this earth, to save Israel according to His promise in Romans 11:26 “…and so all Israel shall be saved.” 

However, the Lord’s goal is to also save the nations. This is why this is the time to preach the gospel of Jesus in Israel, and seek the salvation of this nation, for the sake of the whole world. 

Become a partaker of this Great Commission, to bring the gospel to Israel and witness with your own eyes the salvation of God’s nation. 

Pray, give and support TODAY our upcoming evangelism event in Israel!