Hanukat Ba’it
Housewarming Celebration for Church Opening in Ashkelon

After many months of prayer, spiritual warfare, preparation and hard work, we are beyond excited to finally announce our Ashkelon congregation is officially opening its doors!

We have been operating in Ashkelon for many years through humanitarian outreach, discipleship, Bible studies, home groups, etc. However, now we are finally able to open doors to the first Beit Hallel Congregation in Ashkelon that will have weekly worship services led by pastor Eitan and Julia.

As a senior pastor, I’m always especially grateful and blessed when a new church opens its doors. Especially in the biblical city of Ashkelon which is mentioned at least 9 times, and has a rich history with deep significance.

I spoke about the vision that God gave me almost 20 years ago for this region and city, about the transformation we are witnessing in Ashkelon.

It has become a quickly growing city in the past few years, despite being the target of rocket fire from Gaza time and time again. Many families have been moved to Ashkelon, with many new immigrant arriving in this city specifically and choosing to strike roots here.

Ashkelon has an amazing future ahead, and now having a new congregation operating there and providing relief, guidance and spiritual support in the community, marks a new era in this biblical city.

What an awesome beginning! Beit Hallel Ashkelon’s doors are open! Now we need partners that will help build and grow this church to reach thousands of Israelis with the gospel of Yeshua.

If mission is your passion, if planting and building churches in Israel is in your heart, would you consider becoming a partner in the Lord’s work in Ashkelon today!