Hanukkah Project Praise Report
Called to Comfort Israel

Celebrating Hanukkah – the Festival of Lights – at such a time as this, surrounded by darkness and terror, was so much more important and meaningful for us this year. 

YOU have been a tremendous source of blessing, joy and help during this time. 

Due to ongoing rocket fire from Gaza targeting Ashdod (among other cities), a decision was made to suspend all school activities, as well as any public or mass gatherings, including any holiday celebrations. 

It was one of those rare occasions when Hanukkah didn’t have big public gatherings and celebrations like every year. 

However, here at Beit Hallel, having applied all the safety measures, we were able to organize an amazing Hanukkah celebration. 

We opened the doors of our congregation, and hundreds of children had the opportunity to come and celebrate Hanukkah along with their parents. 

It was absolutely wonderful to see the joy and excitement on children’s faces. 

Hanukkah is always a big holiday in Israel, it is also an opportunity to celebrate it for what it is — Feast of lights and miracles. It’s also a time to speak about history and about the prophetic future. 

Beit Hallel Congregation ended up being the only place where a large Hanukkah celebration was able to take place and where all the children were able to come, be encouraged, rejoice, and hear about God’s victory over darkness. 

God said: “Comfort, comfort My people…” and in times of war our efforts are even more essential and valuable. 

We want to thank YOU, dear friend, from the bottom of our hearts, for being a huge blessing for us, for the children of Israel during this time. 

We are grateful for you, your resilience, faith and strength to stand unwaveringly with Israel during this time. YOU are helping shine God’s light over His nation in these dark times. 

Having finished Hanukkah celebrations, and gearing up for Christmas, we are more excited than ever to continue spreading God’s love throughout this season that speaks of His goodness. 

We will not be resting this Christmas season, but pressing forth through our efforts and work to ensure we bring the powerful message of Christmas to the people of Israel. 

Thank you for standing with Israel, for praying with us at such a time as this, that light will always overcome darkness, and for bringing CHRIST back into CHRISTMAS for the people of Israel.