Healing the Soul –
Ashkelon Women’s Conference

In times of war here in Israel, the only constant is the danger and uncertainty that plagues our daily lives.  Men have had to leave their families behind in order to defend our country, and women have had to step in as the bearers of domestic load, doing what women do best – be everything to everybody at once. 

With so many fathers on the frontline for months on end, fighting to defend Israel, Israeli women’s incredible resilience has been put to the test.  The strength that God gifted women with is absolutely supernatural. The resilience and grace with which they are able to stand tall and carry the heaviest burden during wartime is beyond remarkable. 

However, carrying something so heavy is hard, no matter how easy resilient women make it seem. 

We wanted to bring women together in a much-needed spiritual embrace, give them an opportunity to just sit, breathe, soak in the love of God and to allow themselves to be cared for, the way they care for everyone else around them. 

Healing the soul is something so crucial for many women currently in Israel. In our network of congregations alone there are too many women whose husbands are currently risking their lives in this terrible war. 

Offering them comfort, encouragement, prayers and a support system proves to be such a healing moment for their souls. 

This Healing the Soul conference was about just that. 

Bringing together over 100 Israeli women from every walk of life, all united by the same circumstances we are all living in, for just a moment trying to lighten the burden they carry, healing their aching souls, bandaging their broken hearts and lifting them up as God’s cradles of life. 

It was a blessed reunion and the conference truly was a healing moment for so many women in attendance.