Holocaust Remembrance Day
A Chance to Comfort His People

In a time of increased hatred and animosity towards Israel, the only Jewish state in the world, and only seven months after the most brutal massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, it is crucially important to commemorate the upcoming Holocaust Memorial Day.

Remembering the Holocaust’s atrocities and the 6 million Jewish people who were murdered just for being Jews is relevant in today’s climate more than ever. 

Today, when it has become increasingly unpopular to support Israel is precisely when believers are called to stand with Israel more than ever. 

The Holocaust is one of humanity’s darkest hours and one of history’s most horrific chapters, and if there’s one thing we know is that history tends to repeat itself when it isn’t remembered. 

At such a time as this, even as time is running out for the last of the Holocaust survivors, we have the privilege to be a blessing to them, and to honour their lives, sacrifices and battles. They are the generation that can attest to how far hatred for Jews can go and the importance of having strong and faithful allies who stand with the Jewish people even while the whole world is turning their backs on us. 

There are several thousands of Holocaust survivors in Israel who are living out their last days. Our goal is to bring dignity to them, honouring their lives by being a blessing to them at a time of great struggle and when they are yet again witnessing the rise of antisemitism and hatred that changed their lives forever. 

Seeing the hatred across the globe, even on university campuses, their pain and trauma are triggered because they know better than anyone where that leads to. 

Join hands with us on this upcoming Holocaust Memorial Day and honour these dear survivors by blessing them in their daily lives with special food boxes and essentials they wouldn’t have without your gifts. 

YOU are a part of remembrance and honouring this last generation that rose from the ashes, just as the Bible prophecies, to see the birth of the modern State of Israel. 

Now they need us to not only remember but also bring dignity to them in their fragile age. We are called to bring light and hope to them as they struggle with the loneliness and sickness of old age. 

Kindness and gifts of love share God’s heart for these precious people, and if there’s anything that brings God glory it is being a blessing to those who need Him most. 

Comfort, comfort My people…

Isaiah 61

Despite what is happening in the world, we have powerful prophetic words about Israel’s future, and you can be a part of that by bringing that hope and comfort to the dying generation of Holocaust survivors. 

Give today, because for many of them, tomorrow might never come. Your message of love, kindness and generosity needs to reach their hearts today.