Honoring our David
Fallen but not Forgotten

There are certain moments in life that change things so deeply, that life from that moment on will forever be divided into a before and after. 

October 7th was that moment for Israel, and also for thousands of families that were shattered that day when they lost their loved ones. 

It’s been over 100 days since Israel was brutally attacked and was forced to wage war for its survival. 

We lost loved ones, yet nothing compares to the pain of a parent burying their son. 

Miriam and Haim were supposed to celebrate their eldest son David’s birthday a few days ago. Instead, they held a special memorial evening on what would have been David’s 21st birthday. 

Grief carves a place in our hearts that only God can fill. This is why it was important for Miriam and Haim to invite David’s friends, colleagues, and commanders, as well as other families who share their pain, who also buried their sons who died in battle alongside David. 

A night to honor David’s memory and legacy by honoring the faith that keeps us going, believing and hoping, despite the pain. 

David’s father — Haim and our dear BH leader, stood in front of almost 150 people who came to remember David’s life and courage and shared his testimony. 

Haim was only 20 years old, David’s age, when he first met Jesus. A young Jewish man standing in the middle of the forest, crying out to God to reveal the truth to him. And God did exactly that. 

Sharing his testimony, Haim had an opportunity to share with many people, especially other grieving parents of fallen soldiers, about eternal life and how they are going through this time, where they find comfort. 

David not only saved countless people when he fell in battle defending his country, but in his death he also became a beacon of light for many others who got to hear about his unwavering faith in God that guided his steps until the very end. 

Even as David’s earthly mission ended, his faith continued to shine brightly from eternity and touched those he came in contact with. 

An unforgettable evening remembering David’s life, celebrating his character and honoring the faith he kept until the end of his earthly race. 

It was a moment out of time when God came and touched every broken heart and hurting soul that came to remember, and left comforted wanting more of God. 

This is why in Hebrew the phrase “Rest in peace” is actually “May his memory be a blessing”. 

It serves as a reminder that even in their passing a person’s memory can be a blessing and bring light to many.