How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news:
Post-Evangelism Discipleship

Last week, during Shavuot (Pentecost), we held a large evangelism outreach event where we brought close to 900 people up to Galilee, where they heard the gospel’s message of salvation for the first time — and the response was beautiful.

During the altar call, with the atmosphere filled with God’s presence, almost everybody stood up to pray Sinner’s Prayer and receive Yeshua into their hearts. Many received healing and deliverance, and it was powerful to see how God was touching people right where they were.

One of the great privileges of living in Israel — a land filled with biblical history, is having the opportunity to take people to biblical places and allowing Yeshua to do the “talking”. We are just the vessels who open the bible and share with people what happened in the places where we stand, what Yeshua did, said, taught. It touches their hearts profoundly, which is why these tours have become an integral part of our evangelism outreach events. It’s a way to make the bible come alive for people who have never experienced meeting God in such a real way.

We have now begun our follow-up project with people who attended the event, which includes quite a lot of work, communication, setting up meetings, home visits, and organizing an important discipleship course for the newly saved and “seekers”. People who feel connected, receive encouragement, and regular prayer support are more likely to stay the course of their newly found walk with God.

Follow-up work is a very crucial post-evangelism ministry that has to do with discipleship, encouragement, and personal connections that ensure people are cared for and discipled, as well as connecting them to the congregation.

Please keep this incredibly important work in your prayers, we know how important it is to not just sow the seeds, but to water and cultivate them.

Please pray for:

  • ur team as they are now working full steam on following up, meeting, engaging, and praying with these people.
  • resources to be released so we can do the crucial discipleship work that is needed in order for the fruit to grow.