Investing in the Future of Israel’s Youth

Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.

Prov. 22:6

Summer is that time of year where certain projects receive greater emphasis. Often because we see the importance of seizing the moment and fulfilling the need of that moment.

Working with the youth is 365 days a year work, however, in the summer when they have time off school and are actively seeking opportunity to occupy themselves; we understand that we must focus on providing them with the adequately nurturing and edifying environment where they can be equipped and enriched with the things of God for when they are back in the world at the end of the summer.

Summer for God Youth Discipleship Program is all about investing in awakening our young people, strengthening the core of their spiritual life and providing them with clear and powerful tools whether they are in school, college or army service in the IDF.

Our youth pastor Sasson is leading this program, and our youth gathers every morning to start the day off with prayer, Bible study, sharing and fellowship, practical work, helping with various different aspects of congregational ministry work, humanitarian outreach projects, teaching them the value of service, while we also invest heavily in taking them around the Land, touring biblical places while walking in Jesus’ footsteps — allowing them to experience the Bible in a new profound way.

The unique privilege of living in Israel is to be able to offer our young people the opportunity to study the Word of God in biblical places in Jerusalem, Galilee, Judea, through hikes, trekking, desert camping and wilderness challenges — a truly life changing experience.

Thank you for supporting the move of God among the young people in Israel, for investing in these life changing projects & programs, for being a faithful friend of Israel and for connecting with our ministry on a deep level.

Become a part of what God is doing in Israel through our youth today!