Iran Attacks! God’s Protection of Israel

The attack from Iran took place while I was on a ministry trip to Seoul, South Korea. It was very uplifting to see the fervent prayers of Israel’s friends who took their place as watchmen on the walls of our nation and began interceding for Israel day and night. 

We also took the opportunity to pray for North Korea, for revival and change to come and sweep that country into God’s freedom. 

As we were standing here in prayer, surrounded by amazing Korean prayer warriors and worshippers of Jesus, the magnitude of the historic moment that was taking place the night of the unprecedented attack on Israel from Iran became clear. 

Hundreds of drones, ballistic, as well as cruise missiles were fired at Israel from Iranian soil. 

It was an unprecedented attack that together with our allies (U.S., Britain, among others) Israel managed to intercept and thwart at the remarkably high percentage of interception by Israel at 99%! However, the most miraculous thing was that despite the massive attack there was only one casualty in the entire country, a little 9-year-old Bedouin girl who was injured by falling shrapnel, other than that there was no real damage.

Most of the missiles fired at Israel were intercepted and stopped outside of Israel’s borders over Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and even Iraq. 

Military experts say this attack was the first of its kind in modern history, bypassing even Russian drone and missile attacks in Ukraine, making the interception success rate unheard of. 

What made the difference? 

Yes, God used all the technology and resources available to stop this attack, He was the one who gave Israel all the wisdom and knowledge to develop the necessary defense system ahead of time in preparation for attacks like these, but the biggest difference was God’s miraculous intervention. 

God’s part in protecting Israel was more evident than ever. It was His hand that kept Israel safe. 

I was deeply moved when I saw a video of our young sons, filming the skies filled with missile interceptions and what appeared to be a scene from a Star Wars movie. 

A truly surreal moment was witnessing the intense barrage of missiles over the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount, which is considered to be one of the holiest places for Muslims (yet they never miss an opportunity to fire at it) while the Israel Defense Forces were the ones to intercept those missiles and protect the Al-Aqsa mosque from the Iranian attack. 

Any of those missiles passing through the defences, a hit of the Al-Aqsa mosque would have destroyed it completely, which is what the Bible predicts will happen eventually. 

This attack is a stark reminder of the last days we’re living in. We don’t have the luxury to be complacent when we’re seeing such clear indications of the end time. 

This is the time to pray and stand stronger than ever with Israel because this is hardly the end. This is only the beginning. We have to be alert and aware of our role in these end-time events. 

The word for ‘miracle’ in Hebrew is Ness, נס, which also means “banner” or “sign”. 

God is raising up His banner these days, a sign for the nations in the form of miracles He is doing to protect Israel. 

Only those whose spiritual eyes are open will see and recognize God’s move in these troubled times. 

Look at Israel and be encouraged — whatever He does for the Apple of His eye, He will do for you as well.