Israel-Gaza Cease Fire:
The Power of Your Prayers

One of the things that were hard to miss on the news these past few weeks was another escalation with Gaza, which brought on a barrage of rockets on our cities again, forcing us to seek shelter when sirens blared (which was several times a day!)

Anytime the conflict reignites and intensifies with the terrorist organizations operating from Gaza and targeting the civilian population in Israel, we never know how long it would take, the causalities and the price we will have to pay here in Israel.

We trust the Lord for our protection and rely heavily on your prayers lifted up before God from the nations interceding for Israel and her people. It is thanks to your faithful prayers that we are able to see time and time again God’s supernatural protection over our children and us here in Israel.

People have very different ideas regarding the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, however, as believers, we must always seek the truth, not men’s opinions.

Something you will find mass media isn’t very eager to report on is the side of the Israeli Arab Christians who live side by side with us in Israel, they get to run for cover just like us when they hear sirens, they are facing the same danger as we do when rockets are fired at our cities because they are our neighbours, coworkers, friends and colleagues. However, their side matters, precisely because it is rarely highlighted in the mass media, and also because they hold some unpopular opinions in the Arab world, ones that contradict the anti-Israel agenda.

The fact of the matter is, whether the world accepts it / believes it or not, Israel lives under constant threat of war, with the question never being IF there will be the next time, but WHEN. This is why your daily prayers for the safety and peace of Israel are so crucial!

Watch this amazingly insightful interview with a fellow Arab brother who speaks the truth boldly, regardless of the controversy or how unpopular it is in the Arab community.

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