Israel – the Land of our Common Heritage

Special Greeting from PM Bennett to the Christian community — Israel’s greatest friends

It is not uncommon to see and hear members of the Israeli government speak about the Christian community, especially the evangelicals, as Israel’s closest friends. It is widely acknowledged and appreciated in the highest political circles in Israel, that the support this nation has received from Christians around the world is absolutely crucial, important and not something Israel takes for granted, especially in such a global hostile climate towards Israel.

Recently we have been hearing more and more voices from our government speaking out openly on Israeli media about what the support from the evangelical community has meant to Israel in these times.

PM Bennett has issued a very special Christmas greeting for the Christian community around the world, as well as for the believers in Israel. It includes a special message on the faith and common heritage that binds Christians to the nation of Israel. It is an unbreakable bond that God himself sealed.

Watch PM Bennett’s heartwarming greeting to you this holiday season!