Israel’s Fight for Survival – War in Israel Day 8 

As we enter into the second week of this terrible war, any trace of fear has been replaced by determination and resolve to defend our God-given legacy. There’s something very unique about the nation of Israel, and it’s its ability to unite in an astonishing way against those who come to destroy it. We see it on the streets, and we feel it in our hearts. 

It is as though God’s eternal promises about this nation and this land are echoing in the hearts of the Israeli people at this point. We are fully aware what we are fighting for—our survival. Having God’s promises to stand on make our spirits even more resilient and assured

Alongside the physical warfare, there’s also a spiritual one that has been launched, to delegitimize Israel by spreading a campaign of lies against what the whole world saw with their own eyes, as many emissaries of evil excuse and defend the indefensible. Just because it’s Israel. 

Which is why your friendship, support and clear stand with Israel right now is more important than ever. The world needs to see that their hatred will always be outnumbered and outgunned by the truth.

For thus said the LORD of hosts, after his glory sent me to the nations who plundered you, for he who touches you touches the apple of his eye.

Zechariah 2:8

While thousands of families have been evacuated from the south of Israel, and our soldiers are preparing for a ground operation, we are putting everything we have into supporting our troops, who are on the frontline, preparing for what possible could be the fiercest battle of their lives. 

Currently there are so many things our soldiers on the frontlines need right now! More than 360,000 reserve soldiers have been mobilized, putting their lives on the line to defend Israel, and we need to be there to ensure they receive whatever they need as they fight for their homeland. 

As such, we are preparing boxes of food and equipment for the basic needs of our troops in the field. From undershirts, undergarments, socks and hygiene products, to food supplies, bottled water, energy drinks, head flashlights, sleeping bags, wet wipes etc. The list is long, and the need is great. YOUR HELP is needed TODAY! 

These days and in the following ones, our soldiers will be tested like their forefathers — the biblical warriors and heroes that defended this nation and ensured its survival. As they are looking out for us, we want to look out for them. 

In addition, our humanitarian action teams are mobilizing to make a difference and to distribute food baskets to Israeli families in need, containing a variety of essential and long-lasting food products. Now while missiles are being launched into Israel, and terrorists are on the loose, families are taking shelter in bunkers and behind closed doors, and aren’t prepared to venture to the stores, or reach our distribution center to collect goods, and therefore we have to go to them.

Your friendship and unwavering support of Israel make you a warrior in the army of God. Your prayers as watchmen on the walls of our nation, your incredible generosity in supporting Israel in this war imposed on us—we truly cannot minimize that impact of your contribution. You will know how much you have done by the magnitude of God’s blessing on your life according to His promise to Abraham for blessing His people when they needed it most. 

Please DONATE today to support our soldiers on the frontline of a war that Israel is fighting for its survival. Thank you and God bless!