Israel’s Future Leaders and Carriers of Revival

Could you imagine a better place for discipleship training than the Galilee, the very place where Jesus started His ministry; where he taught, prayed, healed, fed and led people into His kingdom? The Galilee was a special place for Yeshua, and it was where He stepped into His earthly calling while leading by example.

That is what we had in mind when we organized our three-day discipleship training in the Galilee for our Israeli youth. It was about training, equipping, discipling, imparting and investing in their growth and watching them walk in Yeshua’s footsteps while transforming into Israel’s future leaders that will carry the torch of revival in the Land.

Here is a special message from pastor Israel and Guy Pochtar about this unique and powerful discipleship training in the Galilee. We also had the privilege of speaking with our dear friend, Pastor Jerry from Seattle, Washington, as he shared his heart.